Touch That Link, Folk

Tedronicus Bela5000 Pt. 2

“Master Bela5000”, said Facebookie.  “If I had to judge your performance on the message you sent Princess Taroro I would give you 10 out of 10 stars, stand up job.”

“Ok Niglax”, said Bela5000. “Stop acting like a Grammoid and give me your opinion just give it to me straight.”

“Well excuse the Shatner out of me, I was going to say that you laid your game quite flat. And even though now I wish otherwise because you decided to be a jerk, she responded quite gracefully to your shot. She has sent her communication number and has requested a time and place for you two to meet up in the near future.”

Tedronicus was hype, but played it cool for his droids. He jump started the communication with Taroro, and found out that they actually shared a lot in common. Eventually, Tedronicus and Taroro decided to meet up in a neutral planet Downtown that was conveniently placed between the Educational Galaxy and the Hoodustrious Galaxy. The meet up went smooth, spent over Margaritians and Tacos.

After a few Margaritians, Tedronicus became bold enough to ask if more meet ups lied ahead in their future. Taroro replied with a subtle, “Oh yea.”. Tedronicus, being the overthinker that he is, decided not to pursue this venture because he was simply, unsure. And, coming from a Scorpion background, Tedronicus required assurance.

Low and behold, Taroro contacted him for another venture. She told him to pick the place. Not being familiar with many hangout spots in the area he suggested a local bar that he frequents on the PregoTrim Nebula called “The Wild Zinnia Cafe”. Tedronicus goes to this bar, but he makes sure to keep a low profile. See, the problem with Wild Zinnia is that many of the regulars there are from the Red Hatted MAGAnite species. The problem with MAGAnites is that they have this strange allergic reaction to a pheromone that secretes from melanin. Scientifically, it can’t be explained, but it has something to do with a command from the MAGAnite leader.

The regular MAGAnites at Wild Zinnia have forcefully tolerated the melanin secretions of Tedronicus, but he was fearful of how they would react to the new, unfamiliar secretions of Princess Taroro’s melanin. To Tedronicus’ surprise, The MAGAnites tolerated  Taroro’s melanin as well! What Tedronicus later found out was that Princess Taroro, much like him, had the ability to adapt to different situations, unlike some people that he had visited the Wild Zinnia with, whom, with a certain triggering look from MAGAnites would threaten to “Air this bitchnoid out”.  Taroro being adaptable, meant that she could make friends in ANY situation, and she did no different with the Red Hatted MAGAnites.

Tedronicus was smitten with how well Princess Taroro stole the hearts of those MAGAnites. They sung Karaoke and received standing ovations. They took the dance floor over, they shut the bitchnoid DOWN! Tedronicus and Princess Taroro started hanging out more frequently and he was just completely enamored at how thorough her adaptability was. It completely surpassed his.

Soon, the Valentine’s Moon was set to orbit the Planet of Boygetout and Tedronicus wanted Taroro to celebrate it with him. She was with it because their previous interactions had been so great. Tedronicus wanted to do something out of the ordinary to celebrate so he suggested going to The Southside of the Galaxy to visit the hypest strip club in the area, “The Milky Way”. They drank on the sweet nectar of Heinekrizz and made a Geomagnetic Storm with all the dollar bills they threw up in the sky. I mean, between the storm and how they made the turn up coagulate, they was the life of the party. Which is hard to do in a strip club, let alone The Milky Way. Between the Southside Socialites and The Deathstick dealers, they had big shoes to fill but they filled them bitchnoids.

Shit was lit…..


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  1. Kawaiirasi

    I’m on the edge of my seat here 😮😮😮

    February 6, 2019 at 12:23 AM

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