Stages of Fade Grief

So currently I work at a high school. It’s fun for the most part because you think about how crazy these kids are and you SWEAR you weren’t like that in high school but you were… You totally were. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing lunch duty and a teacher came up to me and said another staff member was holding a kid back in the lunch line and looked like he needed help. This school so well behaved there’s NEVER any action so I was all for it. I went over there and it was my patnah holding a student back but he said the student calmed down so he let him go… The student had not, in fact, calmed down. He went back to The student and got in his face.

Now the student that bruh was holding back was bigger. He wasn’t fat but he was built like Cole on Martin. So I’ll call him Thick Flair. The dude he was going after was smaller but I’ve seen him play football and he was scrappy so I had no clue how stuff would go down. 

So Flair gets back in dudes face and they talking trash but lil bruh said he ain’t want no problems. Well Flair decided that he wanted some problems that day. Flair pushed him and lil bruh decided that this was NOT finna be a shoving contest and called what I like to refer to as, “The Hands audible”. Lil bruh just started throwing them things. Quick too. Flair tried to throw some haymakers but whenever he cocked back Dwyane Fade already tagged him twice so Flair missed every punch he threw. The lunch lady screaming slamming her hands on the bar going ham. Mashed potatoes and gravy flying everywhere

Me and my patnah ran over to break it up, of course he walked outta the cafeteria with the winner. I had to pick Flair ass off the floor. He leaning all on me like Jordan when he finished the Flu Game. In my head I’m like “Damn bruh he ain’t give you no body shots why you limping?” He holding his eye like “Nahh my eye it just swell up real easy”. I took him to the office to seal his fate.

Me and my patnah got back in line the lunch lady was like “I.. I just didn’t know what to do so I started banging and screaming to get someone’s attention for help.” 

We was right there tho….

Another male staff who walked over there with me and straight disappeared once the fight broke out was like, “Yea Mr. Such and such has a few inches on me so I felt He was better equipped to handle it”.

You taller than me tho….

Flair got suspended for 10 days so this past week he came back to school.I was curious about how he was gonna handle his return and all the Q&A that came with it so I kept a close eye on him. I took the ONE required psychology class in college so I was very well educated on the stages of Fade Grief.


I’m standing in the hallway in between classes and another student goes up to Flair like “Where you been bruh?” 

I got suspended.

“Damn bruh what you do”

*shakes head and walks off into a crowd*

Flair class wasn’t even in that direction he just didn’t wanna relive those moments. I ain’t messy so I couldn’t scream out “OH HE GOT SOAKED IN THE LUNCH LINE LIKE SOME DAY OLD DIRTY DISHES”

Flair was in denial. And who am I to give him a reality check?

ANGER: Bruh was just mad at everybody who wasn’t D. Fade. He felt like he needed a W. And anybody who wasn’t D. Fade could get it…. Except for D. Fade. I later found out that Flair is a 19 year old freshman and D. Fade is 15 or 16. So getting rinsed by someone who can’t technically see a Rated R movie without his mama while you outchea buying blacks and lottery tickets is arguably frustrating.
BARGAINING: Bruh was def heard saying “Man I swear on everything I love if I ever see that nigga outside of school ima get mine.”. This wasn’t one of those fights up for debate… It was obvious he was outmatched. But who was I to tell bruh “All fades matter”.
DEPRESSION: This one stuck out to me like Rachel Dolezal at a Solange concert. I stood behind bruh in the SAME lunch line he caught the fade in. He leaning against the wall, shoulders all slumped over. Got his hoodie on and tied tight. Normally I’m supposed to tell him to pull his hood down but this kinda fade is probably the worst kinda bad hair day you could have.

Ba Dum Tss

Unfortunately, we have yet to reach the acceptance stage. He’s a lil young so it may take awhile. Maybe during spring break he can watch a few Worldstar fight compilations and see that their is life after fades.

Only time will tell…

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