Papa Bear Chronicles Vol II

Well it happened…. 13 months later but it happened.. Papa Bear made an appearance.

I took JoJo to Walgreens to pick up some medicine for him, he’s not feeling well. He’s sitting in the cart like a grown man… We doing on our patty cake wave. Taupe kid runs up to the cart. Bout 8 or 9. The age of “Know Betterdom” , and reaches out to touch Jo. I gently pushed the cart back a tad bit out of his reach, and said “Can you say Hey JoJo?” so I won’t be 100% rude. The kid just moved closer so I just had to hit him with the “ightightightightightightightight Chill” and started to walk away. Taupe mom goes “Honey I told you you have to ask first before touching people’s kids… Although that man was very rude”

…….. Time of F*ckedupness: Approximately 5:32pm

Me:Pardon me Ma’am, am I the rude man you’re referring to?

TM: Yes, my son had good intentions he loves babies and you shouldn’t have pushed the cart away so rudely.

Me: Did I push the cart away rudely, or did I push the cart away like my 1 year old has a fever and before I got out my car I saw BOTH your sons playing bongos on that nasty ass trash can outside before they came in?

TM: Well that doesn’t-

Me: And I’m willing to bet every dollar in my pocket, the 3 of ya’ll just waltzed ya’ll asses in here, you picked up your Herbal Essence and People Magazine, told them they could each get one snack, and not once made them wash they damn hands…. Call me a liar…

TM: *blank stare*

Me: But I’m supposed to let him rub his hands all on my son face…

TM: *still staring*

Me: The hand sanitizer is on the counter behind you…. Black Lives Matter…

*Fade to Pharmacy*

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