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Teddy B A Daddy

So as you know I’ve been Papa Bear for 3 weeks and 2 days. Wonderful feeling. I’ve been wanting to blog about the best day of my life but I’ve been knee deep in huggies so I haven’t had the time. But.. TODAY I GOT TIME CUZ!

It all started bout 2am Feb 19th. I woke up and Booski told me she was having some non fictional ass contractions. Me being me…..

I Panicked my ass off.
She tells me to calm down cause they’re not consistent.
I couldn’t sleep so I just played Xbox and monitored her until I had to go to work.
I asked if I needed to call out and tend to her and she goes: “No… Cause you’re gonna get on my nerves and panic. I’m going to work”

Whyyyy is you going to work?!
“Fool this is not a movie, I’m not finna crown in the car. I’m good. Go to work.”

I get to work and I can’t eem sit down.. I’m pacing back n forth nervous as hell.

Work was terribly slow which did not help. I finally get busy at work towards the end of my shift and she’s called twice. When I get to answer the phone:
“Soooo…. Don’t panic… but my contractions are 10 mins apart”
Whyyyyyyy did you wait this long? Ok I’m coming. *starts running nervously*
“Teddy calm down and stop running”
*out of breff like a muhfucka* what? I *pant* ain’t running.

I’m going down 95 so fast OJ Simpson would’ve been SO envious.

I get off the interstate and booski told me to hurry the hell home but get her a Gatorade first. My baby prioritizes.

At the house she’s laying down fresh out the shower contracting like a muhfugga. I’m tryna do breathing exercises sheen feeling em AT ALL.
I’m making her as comfortable as possible…. While timing the contractions… while telling my step son and my 16 year old niece to get ready to go to my mom’s house… While putting the hospital bag that I procrastinated on HEAVILY together…. While her doula is texting me to get her to the hospital ASAP….. While tryna keep cool and not piss myself..

Bruh… I would go to put the bag together and get dressed and hear “Oh Teddy here’s another contraction” and run back to her so she could Hulk squeeze my hand and I could time the contractions.

Bruh if I knew she was that damn strong she’d carry AWWWLLL the groceries when we went to Kroger.

And then…. the fuckin contractions are 4… minutes… apart…

I will not panic… I will NOT panic…. I WILL NOT PANIC…. EEEEYYYYEEEE WILL NOT PANIC… in front of her…

I call my mom and tell her we on the way with the kids but she gotta be outside waiting. I’m doing a cool 45 in a residential area… hit a dukes of hazard turn in the driveway. My mother… Lawd my mother… Standing in the driveway screaming “YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN… SLOW THE HELL DOWN”

I ain’t hearing it. She knock on the passenger side window to Nia like “Tell him to slow down”

Nia was slumped over fighting birth and ain’t even acknowledge my mother.. Can’t blame her.. she kinda has a baby Jehova Witness knocking on her cervix.

I get on the highway.. Still internally nervous. Call the hospital and tell em booski is in labor and we on the way.

“Ok what’s your doctor’s name?”
We’re with the Midwives.
“Well you need to call the Midwives”
Well you need to catch these hands. I ain’t yo damn friend.. When I come in there cussing souls out with my son crowning through some floral leggings tell everyone it’s yo damn fault.

Every contraction I give her my hand… Telling her how great a job she’s doing. I pull up to the ER. Get out. Try to get her out and then…


Check again bruh… I want my son to be hard but not “born onto concrete” hard.

I give the ultimate pep talk:
“Babe you’re doing Soooo good. Let’s reach deep down and channel the trill ass warrior within. Let’s focus on these few steps to the ER and I’ll be strong for you cause you’ve been so strong for me. YOU SKRONG?! WE SKRONG DEN!!!”
My baby Boobie Miled herself to the ER crashed in the first wheelchair we saw and we was OUT to labor and delivery.

Get to the room and get her ready. She on the bed. Rotating tryna find that spot to deliver. She cocked that left leg up and said “This is it.. let’s get it”

Now… I’m squeamish… Like I get light headed during slasher movies… BUT! This my first child. I gotta push that shit to the side cause I’ma witness AWL this.

The Midwife did something and I seen a head fulla hair.  The nurse said “Dad.. do you need to step aside and get it together??”

Ya got damn right I do but I’LL BE BACK!

While i was definitely light headed… It was beautiful… I can’t explain it but.. It was breff taking..

I come back with the illest game face and the Midwife told booski to push…

Maaannnn my son slliiiid out like he just integrated the Major Leagues.

I’m in awe.. Making sure everything is good. 2 arms 10 fingers 2 legs 10 toes… I just need to hear my son spit that hot 16 real quick so I can be at peace… He dropped BARS!

I’m in love… I gave life. He was so beautiful and perfect. I fell in love all over again with my lady cause we did it.  Those 9 months were so perfect. I’d do it all over again.

We loved all over him and the nurse took him and gave him a shot in his foot and he went Honey Baked.. I said “Get used to it son… Light skin girls tend to do that to you.”

Nurse ain’t find that funny…

Josiah Garrick Reid Adams 9 lbs 5 oz..