Babies & Fools….

If you’ve been on my facebook or Instagram you’ve probably seen pictures from where I folded my car up… I’m alive and well and appreciate the love. Folks been having questions So I’ll give the whole story cause repeating myself is annoying.


I had gotten some good news so

I went out to eat with my boys to celebrate.

I left a few minutes before them and took one of back roads home.

I checked a text message….

I always thought I had this texting and driving thing down to a science… like it’d never happen. God taught me THEE lesson.

I went off the road and over corrected. I went in a ditch and right when I turned I hit someone’s driveway and my car flipped over twice. I remember AWL of it cause it slowed down.

You know how in movies when it shows a first person angle of someone driving and suddenly, music cuts off, vision is blurry and it’s just a bunch of damn noise?

Bruh that’s so real….

I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do though.

When my car started flipping everything slowed down…. I said “Lord, please don’t let me die”.

Soon as it stopped I needed a second to make sure I was alive and in tact. Once I was sure I was all in one piece I jumped out the car and ran.

Why did I run?

Bruh…. I’ve spent half of my 20’s playing Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and watching the Fast and Furious series.

I ain’t finna stand next to no car that just flipped twice that’s for sure. I’m finna get a few house lengths between me and that car.

Folk obviously heard me crash so they come outside. I tryna be lowkey… idk why…. I really don’t know why… but I was standing 15 ft from a flipped car acting like I had no clue what happened or how it got there.

A cop pulls up and tells me he’s surprised I’m conscious. I tell him the truth and he asks what insurance I’m with.

Me: Um.. Farmers I believe…. wait I just got my insurance card here u go.

Cop: Yea… you must’ve whacked your head pretty hard this says Liberty

Me: Nigga I just flipped my car I’m not here forreal… Blue Cross… Anthem. The Blood. IDK WHAT YOU WONT FROM ME!

I go in the ambulance to tend to the crazy cut I got on my elbow. They give me the run down “i don’t see any signs of head trauma but if your head hurts later go to the hospital blah blah” I need a nap.

I had a bunch of clothes in my trunk in case of a freshness emergency. Trunk wiiiide open clothes all in the road.

My phone is blowing up cause my boys left a lil after me and took the same way I did and seen my car with my whole wardrobe on display in the skreet.

I ain’t answer cause I’m looking for moms (yea I’m a mama’s boy) but I could only get a hold of my aunt who was at work but is better at blowing up phones than I.

I get out the ambulance and see my two 200+ lb homies Timbagland and Rice Cube running towards me.. They see me in one piece and slow down…

Rice: I’m so glad you got out that ambulance… I was running outta breff.

I felt loved.

A dude that I went to high school with lived in one of the houses and came out when he seen me.

Him: Dude you ok?
Me: I’m ight… I could use some tobacco tho
Him: Man look.. Take a few of these.. keep the lighter too man you need all that.

Mom Dukes, Grammaw and Grampaw pull up at the scene..

I’m putting on the meanest front for my boys… But mom dukes can smell BS from a mile away…

I’m fighting the meanest urge to let out a Derek Luke struggle cry.

Of course they just happy the kid is alive and in tact.

I took what I could out the car and the officer tells me I’ma be sore later…

“Yea right I ain’t know sissy… If I was gon be sore I’d be sore now”

Bruh… When I tell you I walked around like RGIII and D. Rose each donated me a knee.


All jokes aside… We all think we can text and drive and not end up like folk on TV. I’m blessed enough to be here and tell you it’s not true. I’m here to show you how REAL GOD IS. I keep playing the accident in my head. I could’ve died. I walked out with scratches on my elbow and a bruise from the seat belt. God protects Babies and Fools. I’m obviously here for a reason so I need to get serious about a lot…

I Love Ya’ll….

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  1. Teddy I’m so glad you’re okay. I’m glad I read this because, even with my kid in the car, I still try to text and drive. You’re right, you’re here for a reason. I got the message. Thanks for sharing ☺☺

  2. This happened to me last night, I’m just so glad to be alive and that no one else was involved! Please please don’t text and drive it’s really really not worth it. Everything can wait.

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