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Might Don’t Make It

Remember the Rise and Fall of Hoodrat Infatuation? If you don’t remember touch this┬álink folk…. I told ya’ll I learned my lesson… but I didn’t cause the hoodrats had this gravitatchetional pull on me.. But this unfortunate event was THE LAST straw for the hoodrat infatuation.. (more…)

2013 Goon Challenge

You know how Instagram and Facebook always have those song and picture challenges???

Well… I’m finna give ya’ll the Goon Challenge.. but I won’t give you a 30 day deadline to complete it because some of these can’t be done in just one day.. So ya’ll got the whole summer to act a complete ass and make me proud… (more…)

Queen of The Burg

So while I was in college I joined this organization.. I’m not gonna say the name because this story finna get trill… And I don’t wanna start any problems… that’s me overthinking it…

Well this one particular time we… Actually lemme introduce the characters first: (more…)