Touch That Link, Folk

This Me Doe

I got bored in this group and decided to play the 25 truths game… Wanna share this with ya’ll so ya’ll can get an idea of me…

  1. I was born Garrick P. Adams…. by the river…in a little tent….
  2. I’m my moms only child… I’m my dads youngest of 4.
  3. My oldest brother is 45, he has a son that is a year older than me and has a kid… so I’m a great uncle, my niece is 20, then I have a 6 year old nephew and a 5 year old niece… no days off…. My other brother would’ve been 44 and my sister is 33…
  4. I have a deep fear of fuckin up… which is why I’m afraid of taking risks with my blog/book cause I don’t wanna fall on my face. My dream is to move to FL and just write…
  5. To go with #4… I feel like I’m being obnoxious if I share my blog more than twice in one week… I’m too humble…
  6. I care about peoples feelings entirely too much… 30 secs after me and my ex became official I realized I didn’t wanna be with her… but she was so excited I waited a month to break up with her…
  7. My right knee ain’t shit.. I dislocated it playing football…. Then ice skating(thug life) yea I’m too big to be on ice for a long amount of time…. Then wrestling…. And then I dislocated it picking up a quarter in Kroger…
  8. I don’t like to yell…. I rarely do… When I dislocated my knee in Kroger I grabbed on to something to catch myself which happened to be sharp as shit… so not only is my knee dislocated but I cut my hand wide open… did I make a noise? Naw… I grabbed the cart and limped to my car…
  9. Another time I was at the gym and dropped a weight on my pinky… breaking it…. didn’t scream… It’s not a manly thing I just don’t make a lot of noise…

10. My vocal chords don’t vibrate… So if you ever talk to me face to face I’ll have to repeat myself a few times cause you won’t be able to hear me…

11. In the 6th grade this boy was talking about me so I punched him in the mouf in front of a bunch of people who then hyped it up…. And when he didn’t do anything back I felt terrible so I apologized…. I’m not built for that life….

12. I’m also too compassionate…. My main reason for wanting to be rich is so I can give back… the P. In my middle name stands for Philanthropic

13. I wanted to be a zoologist til I realized any animal taller than me scares me shitless.

14. I write myself into Modern Family and Glee episodes in my head..

15. I call my cousins my brothers and sisters cause we were all raised in the same house..

16. Sometimes my shyness is RIDICULOUS… I forgot how to breathe during an oral presentation.. in college…

17. speaking of college, the semester I graduated I realized that I didn’t want anything to do with my major… but I also didn’t wanna stay and change it so I graduated…. And now I wait tables.. :/

18. If I could write books, and get paid to help people get through whatever tough times they are having without finishing grad school life would be amazing.

19. I HATE tomatoes… mainly the smell.. In one of my culinary classes I had to peel and cut a few pounds of em and the smell got so bad I held my breath…. And eventually passed out..

20. Idk what it feels like to love someone outside of fam n friends.. my current showty is the closest thing I’ve been to a real relationship so maybe I’ll expurrence that one day

21. While on my internship in FL I was at ihop and the girl I was with didn’t wanna get her hair wet so I ran to the car to pull it up.. I was running on grass and when I stopped…. I kept moving… and busted my ass… HARD… legs skraight in the air n all that.. I got in the car to see the people in Subway across the street laugh their lungs out.. So I never went back over there..

22. Scarface is the greatest rapper ever

23. I know every song in the 5 heartbeats word for word..

24. I played piano, euphonium, tuba and trombone…

25. I write my best blogs when I’m depressed… the Irony…

3 responses

  1. britt

    Great work! Keep writing and believe in yourself

    March 20, 2013 at 7:13 AM

  2. Jesica

    Not only you’re smart, but you’re also multi-talented. Too bad you’re a youngin. LOL

    April 15, 2013 at 6:31 AM

  3. Mcfli

    this was amusing, keep it up and number 14 i do it all the time….i would make Glee a better… thats how i personally feel…

    June 10, 2013 at 6:04 PM

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