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Teddy B Thankful

I’ve never told anyone this… I’m actually not sure why I’m making this a blog entry or even talking about it but I am… I’ve always liked listening to folk problems and helping em out or just being that ear, ironically I’ve never told anyone what i’ve dealt with for the past few years… Don’t get me wrong.. throughout everything i’m finna tell ya’ll… I’ve been thankful..


This Me Doe

I got bored in this group and decided to play the 25 truths game… Wanna share this with ya’ll so ya’ll can get an idea of me…


Whoop Dat Teddy (Get Em!)

Sorry I was gone a lil longer than 2 weeks folk, please forgive me doe….

A few months ago I was talking to my cousins in the midst of boredom, and we got on the topic of asswhoopins…. My cousin/brother, Stevie Blunta, my cousin/sister Queen LaReefah, and I were going over who in the family had beaten them and although it wasn’t a contest I wound up winning… by a landslide…. I promise I wasn’t a bad child… Stevie was just the favorite, Queen was the only girl, so that leaves me….. I don’t have time to speak on every time so I’ll just give ya’ll a couple that I remember vividly: (more…)