Touch That Link, Folk


It’s my favorite lady’s birthday this weekend!!!

no not Angela Basset, she’s number 2. I’m talmbout my mama! And I have a couple of posts about my pops on here and I wasn’t showing favoritism by doing that I just always thought ma was gonna channel Nikki Parker in that sad ass movie that Madea and Miss Sophia wrote.(she’s not crazy, just very private) But she’s gonna have to deal with it because I’m gonna talk about her. I’ma use a short but sweet story:

I was probably 10 around the time this happened. My cousin Stevie Blunta and I were playing WWF in my room. We were wrestling and having fun like kids do and my mom called for me to do something… but I must’ve had a paper colored kid moment cause I ignored her. I told her I was coming but what I didn’t tell her was that i’ma land this People’s Elbow before I do. But if you’re a wrestling fan like I was, you KNOW you can’t rush the People’s Elbow. So i’m finna get the 3 count on my cousin and what happens… My door flies open and I see a blur. Next thing I know I’m face to face with a fuming wild rhinoceros that I lovingly address as “mama”.


ye-ye-yea, bu-but I was ju-


I’m so-sorry

the next thing that happened baffled me…

I was a big ass 11 year old, and my mom wasn’t the youngest person in the world (don’t hate me mommy) but she did some kinda Farooq Spinebuster shit that had me FLYING cross the room into the wall.

While I was in the air I had time to reflect on a few things. I had already come to terms with dying that afternoon, but if by some miracle I LIVED, I’d run a 4.3 40 everytime my mama calls me.

here come the tears…..and the fetal position…

Stevie jumped up and just stared at my mama while she looked at my lifeless body, perm sweated out and let out a big battle cry. In his head, he ain’t wanna be next so he was gonna do EVERY chore that existed so she would spare his life.

I don’t know where this she-hulk card is that my mom likes to pull out  on random occasions. But when she does pull it she can go from 0-Ray Lewis in a flash! even to this day.

On a serious note: words cannot express the love and admiration I have for this woman. I watched her work hard so that I didn’t want for anything. She got me and her out of my grandmothers basement and into the lovely home we live in now. And i’ll NEVER be able to pay her back for the things she’s done for me BUT i can damn sure try for the rest of my life.

Love you Mommy!

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