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Everybody Hates Teddy…

Little known fact: I lived in Deliverance, WV for 9 months when I was 14…. yea it sucked in case you were wondering… I was one of maybe 20 black people outta 600?(random number) Just know we were rare round them parts.. Anywho, obviously being black in a school fulla eggshell colored folk with rosy throats you hear a lot of hateful words.. You gotta know when to pick your battles tho cause 3/4 of them people related so if you fight one of em they got a whole lineage waitin on ya ass.. (more…)


It’s my favorite lady’s birthday this weekend!!!

no not Angela Basset, she’s number 2. I’m talmbout my mama! And I have a couple of posts about my pops on here and I wasn’t showing favoritism by doing that I just always thought ma was gonna channel Nikki Parker in that sad ass movie that Madea and Miss Sophia wrote.(she’s not crazy, just very private) But she’s gonna have to deal with it because I’m gonna talk about her. I’ma use a short but sweet story: (more…)