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Nigga When’s The Last Time YOU Changed A Life?!

You ever done something great for someone out of the kindness of your heart and you feel awesome than a muhfugga?? I have…..

After I talked about my top “ain’t shit” moments, I felt that it made me come off as a dick… SOOOO to counteract that I will share with you a few of those moments…

1.The Golden Ticket
I worked the ticket stand at Disney World and there were 2 types of tickets: a park hopper, which explains itself, and the cheaper deal when you choose a park, and that is where ya ass stays for the rest of the day.. and I had to explain that to every other person, i became cold….. Mickey Mouse turned me into a monster… one dude came in and was like:
Him: We came all this way from Tampa to be limited to one park!
Me: That’s unfortunate… (more…)

The Raleighwood Rumble

Before you read this entry you HAVE to watch this clip…

did you watch it?
don’t lie to me, slore….
Ok… when i first started college I moved back to Raleighwood, NC with my pops, mainly to get out of VA cause it got annoying. Things started off cool cause it was a different setting and i was happy… Then the Fish and Bull effect came into play… i’ll explain: (more…)


This entry is dedicated to my future feyonce(in my head) Sha’Toya….. she knows why…

While I was living in Orlando I found myself with a lot of free time to do whatever I wanted to do… Sit in an empty theatre in downtown Disney and watch “Madea Goes Into Labor”(turrble) , visit the strip club at 2 in the afternoon (eww), Go to the Burberry outlet and pretend to be at Milan Fashion week in the fitting rooms(Shwag), go to the asian super market to find out what Balut was(don’t do it), go to Sea World and throw random shit at Shamu(can’t go there anymore)…
One day I had off and I decided to do something different…. something that no one has ever done before…
So i went to Gator Land… (more…)

My Top “Ain’t Shit” Moments… Please Don’t Judge

My Top “Ain’t Shit” moments…djm

I’ve done things in my life that i’m not proud of… the fact that I ain’t shit for em is because i’m somewhat proud of em… i wouldn’t say proud… but i regret nothing… anywho let’s get right into it… in no particular order…

1. Crocodile Tears
 So, after a while me and Fohead Jenkins started beefing and stopped talking… I started to miss her.. even tho she’s the spawn of Satan and Omarosa(NaCl)… (more…)

Quincy B

This entry goes in a different direction than i usually do but i’m sure you’ll still enjoy…

For those of you who don’t know, my Pops(padre) passed away 3 years ago …Recently i’ve found myself thinkin bout him lately…. Not that i don’t normally think about him but i’ve been doing so alot…. I have good memories tho, even ones that don’t seem like they should be..
I was watching the Olympics recently and i saw the diving events with all the manfans doing summersaults in shit… it’s actually pretty cool, but anywho…
My cousin was like “I don’t think i could jump off of something that high even if i was landing in water, could you?”
hell yea i could… and i’m finna tell ya’ll why… (more…)

The Remedy

Contrary to popular beliefs, I’m a shy guy…. I’m soft spoken and i keep to myself a lot of times. Sometimes i feel that people don’t take me seriously and I often wondered how can I get people to take me seriously? Well i found  a way to do so… Not that i recommend it cause it can backfire on you like a muhfugga but the technique I used was simple.. Act a f*ckin fool ONE time and people will leave you alone… i have a 100 percent success rating but that’s because i’ve only done it twice… care to hear about it? No? too got damn bad (more…)

The Rise & Fall Of Hoodrat Infatuation

So…. my freshman year in college I had this strange attraction to hoodrats.. It was something sexy to me about red micro braids and hot pink skinny jeans…. jordan’s, daisy dukes, a wife beater with the “she might be a lil pregnant might be 4 loko” stomach bump..

Judge Me…..

anyways there was this one hoodrat I had class with that i had a skrong crush on… Let’s just call her Aretha Stanklin…. (more…)