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The Awkward COGIC Experience

My God Sister married into one of the most prominent black families in Milwaukee. Her Father in law is the head Bishop of the Midwest Region of the COGIC (Church of God In Christ), they own various restaurants, and her husband is one half of a popular gospel/R&B producing team.. Not to mention she works for an advertising firm.. so she’s banking….

A few things about the COGIC people:

They LOVE to be seen… they will wear the brightest most elaborate outfits ever… (more…)

Every Night At 11:11pm I Wish A Nigga Would…

During my last semester of undergrad I was so wrapped up in finishing my last few major classes I had no social life outside of my major… So my best friends on campus were in my major cause those were the same niggas i see everyday, but even if we weren’t in the same major we’d still be close cause we had some epic ass adventures.

This one adventure was probably the realest shit i’ve ever experienced.

Lemme introduce my fellow culinary goons tho: (more…)

How You Gon Pimp A Pimp?!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being the Greatest Man at my cousin/brother Stevie Blunta’s wedding. Twas beautiful… But I wouldn’t be a good Greatest Man if i didn’t send Stevie out with a bang… we were in DC… so where else would you take a man on his last day of freedom??

Damn right we went to Shtadium..

for those who don’t know Shtadium is a very popular skrip club in DC and i’ve never been so i had to go and get my budgeted trick on…. (more…)

Teddy & Bobby Go To Popeyes

Like I said in my earlier posts, when I was working in Orlando I often found myself with time on my hands and nothing constructive to do… one day me and my homie co-worker Bobby Drake, one of the coolest niggas in Tuscaloosa AL, were both off work, had nothing to do, had a single f*ck to give, and just got paid….

we had to do something… so we did something amazing….
we played super smash brothers….
then we got hungry…. (more…)

The Tale of Bruh Johnnie

So, the other day I was watching the movie “Kick Ass” and it reminded me about this awesome story I heard a while ago about the first .. just thought I’d share it with ya’ll… wanna hear it? here it goes

This is the Tale of Bruh Johnnie, as you can see from the title.
Bruh Johnnie was THEE BEST black vigilante right between Nat Turner and Blankman… (more…)

The Ballad of Prince Trilliam

As some may know I have aspirations to be a Guidance Counselor, which is what i’m in school for now…Ironically, i’m writing this during this borin ass class to keep from plankin on this table and takin a mean ass nap…. anyways, ┬áto get here I had to work at schools in order to gain some experience in the education field. This one particular time, I was working with my Aunt in Maryland who teaches Special Ed. to kids who aren’t severely disabled, they just have disruptive behaviors and learning disabilities.. or both… These kids were affectionately known as “Wing Kids”…. (more…)

The Sperm Goon Chronicles

Sperm Goon: Bad.Ass.Churrin.

Would you ever date someone with kids?

Recently I’ve tried it…….It SUCKED….. never again

Oddly enough I’ve been against dating a woman with kids since I was 14…. What made me against this at such a young age??

i’m finna tell you why… (more…)