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The Dizzney Massacre…. Almost

Before I begin this blog I would just like to apologize for all of these flashback posts… I don’t really know if I currently have anything interesting going on in my life at the moment… oh.. i DID lose 15lbs tho so… bravo n shit.. ight.. now to begin this story.

if you can remember my first Disney post i introduced the Creeperican and promised to describe him later.. i need to do this as an overview anyway..


the creeperican was a socially awkward puerto rican guy from NY. I felt bad for him when i first met him because he told me how he didn’t have any friends in high school and always struggled to fit in and he would clean up after us to suck up so we’d be his friend and we told him that he didn’t have to do that we’re already his friend…. then he became an asshole… a socially awkward asshole… he was OB-fuckin-SESSED with a girl he met on the bus his first day of the internship and bragged to us about how he was peeking thru her dressing room door and saw a “sexy ass tattoo on her foot”… and when we met her we saw no tat so i have no idea who he was spying on… but let’s nickname this girl “Tabby”

since we’re on nicknames i have a couple of other people to introduce…
Lilo- 4 ft tall filipino chick from Vegas with a black girls backside *thumbs up*

Danger Mouse: a 4 ft tall black girl from North Side Zone Twin Cities Minnesota, that’s where she from… but seriously… she was my favorite… i never got to smang tho but that’s neither here nor there.. she was an eclectic party chick n that made her dope

and you can go back to the “Flashbacks n shit” entry for the rest of the nicknames..

So we’ve been in Orlando for a couple of weeks and we met Danger Mouse, Lilo, Tabby, and the rest of their roommates and we started to kick it with them often, one night, me, pretty boy floyd, Buzz, Reno, Elroy, Danger mouse and Lilo decided to go to the Hookah bar near UCF. Creeperican didn’t wanna go because apparently he caught TB from cigar smoke when he was 2 and he didn’t wanna risk it again at 20 years of age…


we went to the hookah bar got a decent buzz got to know each other more then we took that long drive back to Disney and crashed at our apt… we were TIRED but no one could fall asleep so we were all on the floor and couch just rambling on and the Creeperican came out the room and asked us to keep it down…

we tried…

we failed…

so we continued rambling until we got on the subject of the Creeperican stalking Tabby.. not realizing how loud we were.. and not really caring we eventually woke his ass up again and he came out and uttered the words that i STTIIILLLLL remember to this day: Ya know….. its really hard to sleep with you guys talking shit about me…. that’s f*cked up..


then he slammed the door…

a couple hours passed and we were exhausted but still couldn’t sleep..

i was on the couch with Danger mouse.. buzz, reno, elroy and lilo formed a sister circle on the floor..

Creeperican comes out and we all pretend to be sleep..

i hear this dude going thru the drawers in the kitchen, and i hear a bottle of pills.. repeatedly…

my sleepy paranoid ass: yo… we have a butcher knife in the drawer…..this nigga is gon kill us then kill himself with pills… just cause we was talkin bout tabby!

so i sent a text to the others and they started laughing at me… but I swear i thought this shit was really gonna happen..

then when he went back in his room i tried to plan with them to escape this impending doom but they just laughed at me harder…

so i said: real talk… if i wake up dead i’ma be pissed off… i need a fuckin witness and ya’ll just laughin at me…

it turns out he was making oatmeal….. and the pills were his flinstone vitamins because his kidney leaks protein or some shit like that…

as far as the Creeperican goes… this is the tip of the iceberg.. i’ll randomly post more stories of my internship throughout this blog…

hope ya’ll enjoyed it….

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