Touch That Link, Folk

The Ballad of Prince Trilliam

As some may know I have aspirations to be a Guidance Counselor, which is what i’m in school for now…Ironically, i’m writing this during this borin ass class to keep from plankin on this table and takin a mean ass nap…. anyways,  to get here I had to work at schools in order to gain some experience in the education field. This one particular time, I was working with my Aunt in Maryland who teaches Special Ed. to kids who aren’t severely disabled, they just have disruptive behaviors and learning disabilities.. or both… These kids were affectionately known as “Wing Kids”….

They were called wing kids because they were all kept in some random wing of the school… and by wing i mean hot ass trailer. these kids were grades 3-6(idk where the 1st and 2nd graders were but i was afraid to ask cause i’m sure a few laws were broken) this school was HOOOOODDDD…

Working at this school fulfilled my goon endeavors to be in a similar environment as The Wire and make it out to tell the story…

There was this one student who was in the 4th or 5th grade, let’s call him Prince Trilliam, he had 2 sides… he could be the nicest kid you’ve ever met, then as soon as something happens that he doesn’t agree with, ole boy gets Hannibal Lector crazy… He never knew his pops and his mom was an addict and he lived with his grandma(sad story) I felt for him so I drew towards him to find out more about him.. he was a goon in training..

He spazzed on this girl in the class and called her the B-word, so i took him outside to scold him a lil bit and while we were out there one of the bigger kids was walking to class and decided to be Capt Dickhead and was pointing and laughing and taunting Trilliam:

Capt D-head:”HA HA Weenie Kids in trouble”
Me: Boy take ya ass where you need to be fore I take off my belt!
Trilliam: You betta leave, b*tch! I’ll crack your skull and feed you to my dogs! I’MA SOULJA!!
Me: O_O Dafuq did I just hear??

After I calmed him down and told him that he doesn’t need to let people take him to that point.. he’s in control… It seemed to work… and I felt like Coach Carter…

His teacher said that he needed to write a speech during recess about why violence is bad. I asked if he wanted my help but he said he had it…

After Recess he goes up to read his speech and he’s mumbling and the teacher kept interrupting him telling him to speak up and start over and he’s getting more frustrated, and the kids are laughing at which hit DAT BUTTON…

“Violence is bad, violence should not happen, but when people fight in my neighborhood I watch it, but it still is bad.”

Teacher: Trilliam Speak up

*kids laughing*

“Violence is bad, violence should not happen-

*laughter continues*

*Trilliam throws paper down*


Me: Trilliam! Go Outside!

Once again i talked him down and he promised that he wouldn’t do it again.

The next day at Recess I was out playing basketball with the kids… killin em cause that was the only time I was the tallest one on the court and i was dunking shamelessly on these kids with that 7ft playground hoop… but that’s another story..

I go sit down and let them keep playing and I saw the lil kid from the other day that was messing with Trilliam go up to him and push him.. I was watching from a distance but started going towards that way hoping that Trilliam would do what i told him and walk away… then the kid punched him in the shoulder and to myself i’m thinking: “Aw HELL NAW Trilliam kick his ass!”

Trilliam lunged at him and the teenager in me(i was 19 still a lil immature) wanted him to get stomped out, but the teacher side had me running over there to break it up… while running I hear a scream and i’m fighting thru this crowd of lil kids pickin em up and gettin em out the way cause at first i thought the boy seriously hurt Trilliam, but it wasn’t him.. then i’m thinking he may have stabbed the boy with a pencil or something..

Once i’m done toddler tossin, i get to the fight and Trilliam bit this boy on the titty and locked his damn jaws like a pitbull…

I finally got him off of him and he looked into the sky and did the Wolverine scream……

Scared the shit outta me…

the thing that really pissed me off about the whole situation was that… the WHOLE time i’m runnin my ass off across the playground, trying not to pass the f*ck out… there was a line of 4 or 5 ain’t shit teachers that were just watching this whole thing go down and telling them to stop…

Eventually Trilliam had to go get evaluated and I went back to VA.. my Aunt hasn’t heard from him since…

but on a serious note: kids like him get me upset at the school systems that don’t show those kids special attention.. I won’t go in depth as to how I feel about it cause that’s another blog entry…

Until next time folks

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