Touch That Link, Folk

Simple Intro n Shit

My name, as far as ya’ll are concerned, is Teddy Belafonte. a bit of a nerd, I’m a country boy originally from NC but now I live in a small town in central VA called Nutsac… It’s really named Chester but i call it Nutsac b/c it just kinda hangs there.. my analogy… Anywho, I just graduated from Virginia State University in Dec and I still haven’t found a big boy job yet so Between job/school hunting, working at Wakgreens with semi-negro hating managers, moving in with my crazy ass family members, being the Vice President of my church’s Young Adult Ministry, trying to lose weight, trying to find a mate, trying to grow a couple more inches, and my past experiences and rambles, i’m pretty sure i can give ya’ll plenty of entertainment. My aspirations include, having a night time talk show, having a sketch comedy show,becoming a guidance counselor, becoming a principal, becoming a Dean and a president of a University, owning a restaurant, becoming a rapper, and possibly going to school for divinity… so, I guess you could say that I have absolutely no idea what i want to do with my life…   I read this like it was an intro for my show on MTV… and <<< there’s something else I want to accomplish…. I better get started… well i’m done rambling for now… Until next time folk…

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