Touch That Link, Folk

Quincy B

This entry goes in a different direction than i usually do but i’m sure you’ll still enjoy…

For those of you who don’t know, my Pops(padre) passed away 3 years ago …Recently i’ve found myself thinkin bout him lately…. Not that i don’t normally think about him but i’ve been doing so alot…. I have good memories tho, even ones that don’t seem like they should be..
I was watching the Olympics recently and i saw the diving events with all the manfans doing summersaults in shit… it’s actually pretty cool, but anywho…
My cousin was like “I don’t think i could jump off of something that high even if i was landing in water, could you?”
hell yea i could… and i’m finna tell ya’ll why…
I don’t have a vivid memory of when i was 3 or 4 but i’m pretty sure my dad threw my ass in a pool one day and prayed for the very best…
i remember always being an OKAY swimmer.. like i wasn’t the best but i couldn’t drown.. but when i was about 8 I spent the summer with my dad in NC and he put me in swimming lessons.. so I moved from the baby pool to the 14 ft one with the diving boards and other hazards that 8 year olds should be around..
so i would jump off the low dive like a got damn bawse, screaming out BIIIRRRDDDDDMMMAAAAAANNN and that inspirational ass R Kelly Space Jam song  and other simple shit that 8 year olds yell…
every day before we left my dad would ask if i was ready to jump off the high dive and every day i would be like “hell no nigga!”(in so many words)
but he always told me that i’m gonna jump off of it before i go back to school… actually he said “You aint no CHUMP you jumpin off before you leave, even if i have to throw ya ass off myself”
that’s not abuse, my dad and I are like the same person so if you know me you know that it was jokingly said…
So one day I look at the low dive and it’s about 5 feet.. it’s nothing.. then add another 10 ft and you have the gargantuan beast that i REFUSED to jump from…
well i guess this day i decided to grow some nuts and I looked at my dad with an eye of the tiger expression on my face  similar to the one Evelyn Lozada had when she beat Chad Johnson in that game of Madden…
well I got out the pool and climbed to the top of the high dive and looked down and almost pissed my self… that..Shit..WAS…. HIGH!!
I looked at the life guard who was standing at the bottom and I was like “can i get down please?” and she looked at my dad and he stared at her with the Joe Jackson glare, my dad was pretty intimidating so i’m pretty sure she pissed her pant suit… then she looked at me and said no you can’t…
i’m thinking to myself like: “bitch you really gonna let this nigga punk you just cause he looked at you sideways? I ain’t gon let him hurt you, LET ME DOWN!”
so i wipe the tears from my eyes(yea i cried, stfu)
i take a step back….
take a deep breath….
run and jump off that ho doing some kind of unorthodox movement in the air like those white women do on TV when they try to dance with Ellen Degeneres…
so once i come up from the water all the old ladies in the physical therapy pool start clapping and my dad is all hype with this Kool Aid smile on his face and he couldn’t stop talking about it the whole way home then he called every family member he could think of..
If he never punked that lifeguard I probably would’ve never jumped off the high dive, and i’ll probably never forget that…
I guess what i’m tryna say is cherished moments isn’t just the first and middle name of a hoodrat….
moments like that last a life time…
I Love You Pops*Addition*

just real quick moment i thought of that i couldn’t stop laughing at

one day me and my dad were going to Bojangles and while we were in the drive thru he asked about an order thinking it was something else.. i kept telling him he was wrong but he wouldn’t listen.. so we get to the window and Raleigh’s finest hoodrat is serving us and when he asked she told him he was wrong. then she said “see, you should listen to your churrin cause they be right sometimes”

he could’ve laughed it off… he could have… i know he could have

but naw… he had to cross the line…

“yea right, I bet you got 5 or 6 damn youngins at yo house right now”

*pulls off*

the end

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  1. Pure awesomeness

    November 14, 2013 at 12:51 PM

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