Touch That Link, Folk

I’m Probably Related To Suburbias Worst Nightmare

Ever since i was a child I was shy… so shy that my family, outside of my mom and dad, knew nothing about me because I never talked.. i kept to myself…

about 4 years ao I came out of my shell to my family members and and they love me now…

I have an Uncle who used to be a DC goon back in the day… he calmed down some since he was younger and now me and him hang out from time to time. One day him and my cousin(his ex) came down to VA and we went to Chick-Fil-A to get dinner for the family…

He wanted a party tray full of mini sammiches and the manager told him that he couldn’t get those because they were up to the managers “discretion” on whether they serve that item for dinner or breakfast…

That moment…. that immediate moment…. was when I knew that shit was finna get REALER than real… my cousin can’t hold his temper at all… Conversation went similar to this:

Unc: i’m from DC… and up my way they serve them shits all day and i don’t see the problem..
Mgr: those sandwiches are up to my discretion on whether they are breakfast or dinner
Unc: so… what do I have to do to get a tray full of mini sandwiches… that’s all the hell i want
Mgr: no sir that is a breakfast item!
Unc: What the F*CK makes that a breakfast item! they ain’t on no damn biscuits that’s some regular ass bread
Mgr: Sir i’m not arguing with you..
Unc: ok… just gimme the nugget tray, 2 jugs of Iced Tea and Lemonade…
Cashier:ok sir that will be (some crazy ass price that he was NOT feeling at all)
Unc: for some f*ckin nuggets and juice?! ok… whatever… lemme get some polynesian sauce and ranch…
Cashier: they’re gonna be $3.00 a piece…(bulk sizes)
Unc: hoooooolllleeeeeee UP! you mean I couldn’t get my damn sammiches, you charged me a grip for some nasty ass Tea.. and NOW you making me pay 3 damn dollars for some sauce?! f*ck it i’ll use ketchup at the crib for all dat!

*All the white people look at me like i’m the f*ckin ambassador for angry ass niggas*

i can’t stop these shenanigans you gon hafta deal with this yourself… some of that sh!t needs to be free anyway..

Uncle: you know what? it’s cool… gimme my shit…

*vocal crescendo*


it took me two years to go back to that Chick-Fil-A out of pure embarrassment..

i mainly said all that to say:

Of course i don’t have a choice of family members, but I love the hand i got dealt…

cliche??? ask me if i care nigga

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