Touch That Link, Folk

I Hope He Got Her

I hear a lot of females talk about “Guys don’t know what we go through to look pretty”.. well… i’ve been going to the gym for a few months and I think I have an idea. I see guys in there who have no clue what they’re doing but i’m pretty sure it has something to do with the opposite sex.. or same sex if that’s what you’re into… you see some people doing exercises that could paralyze dat ass but they don’t know it…

The other day I was in the gym and this guy came in and was walking around clueless staring at me and my homie… not tryna brag, but i’m incredible hulk skrong… and that’s not important right now but i just wanted to say it.
anyways, we were doing free weight Chest presses on the bench and he stared at us for a while and then tried to mimic it but he was doing it wrong, and his ass damn near rolled off the bench.. it was pretty hard to watch.
I’d offer to help him out, but us guys are really stubborn and don’t like getting help at the gym unless it’s alot of weight cause we can show off…
so this guy just started awkwardly shuffling around the weight room doing a bunch of ass backward exercises and kept knockin his glasses off and i was holding in laughter from the depths of my soul.
I felt kind of bad for him tho..
I was on the bench doing what i does best and he went to the other one and just started putting weights on it… I’m pretty sure he didn’t do any form of mathematics to figure out how much weight he was attempting to put on, but I did… and he was attempting to lift 225lbs.. which isn’t alot, but going by what he was struggling with before… i knew this wasn’t gonna end well…
my conscious won’t let me sit back and watch someone kill his self so i felt the need to intervene… this was the exact conversation:
“hey bruh thats alot of weight you tryna lift, i think you need a spot”
“oohh…nooo… i’m just… staring… at the waaallll…”
that’s when i realized this nigga was NOT fuckin with a full deck
So… i walked away.. but i kept an eye on him… and he went to push the bar up.. AAANNNNDDDD…
shit didn’t move at all….
then he took some weight off but it was still alot for him…
but to my surprise he got the bar off..
he brought it down to his chest…
and that’s where it stayed..
his legs started flailing so i went over there and lifted it off his chest… i laughed on the inside but i also felt bad… cause i KNOW somewhere there is a female that he’s trying to impress that led him to almost crush his sternum…

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