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They Shoulda Never Gave You Nixxas [Insert Noun]



We all remember the classic quote yelled by Rick James(Dave Chappelle): “THEY SHOULDA NEVER GAVE YOU NIGGAS MONEEYYYY!!!”

Well, me and my bromeboy Thomas ( put together a little list of things we believe shouldn’t have been given to some of these fools we encounter in our everyday lives. (more…)

Teddy Vs Quincy

These past couple months I’ve been denying this but I think I may have to just deal with it. I keep ignoring it hoping it’ll go away but it won’t… So you, my faithful readers (I love ya’ll btw) are gonna be the first people I say this to.

I’m turning into my Father… (more…)

Black Mischievious Leprechauns

I got a homie who is a musical prodigy, Johann Sebastian Flach-uh  ( he has gigs all over the place and I roll with him from time to time… Well I ain’t been invited to one since this went down (nigguh) but anyways this particular gig was in Charlottesville. Me and my other homie, Timbaglands ( tagged along to listen, support, and get trashed to oblivion because it was St. Patricks day and I have 4 freckles so I’m an honorary Irish. (more…)

Some People Sit Back And Watch The World Burn…. My Coworkers Are The Ones Holding Matches And Kerosene

So I wait tables at this restaurant called the Blue Crab. I love my job. I love my Coworkers… and this is why.

Last Monday was the Fif annual Chrimuh Party at my job.. well it was my first cause i’ve only been here 8 months but it was definitely one of the most memorable moments for a young goon. (more…)

Skrip Club Etiquette and Hacks… Case Yeen Know

Before I get started I have to say, I’m not the guy that goes to the skrip club every day or every weekend for that matter, but I do enjoy a nice visit to HoodRats “R” Us every now and again. Sadly, I’ve noticed that some people just go about the skrip club ALL WRONG and hopefully I can learn ya something by the time you reach the end of this post:

1. Don’t Sit At The Stage If You Have No Intentions of Tipping. (more…)

Tear Da Club Up ’09

Another Dizzney flashback I’ve been thinking about a lot lately was the time me and some homies accidentally turned a club inside out… and by HIS grace I made it out…

Twas Me, Flionel Richie, Stevie Blunta, Marcus Starveme, and Capt. Jean Dook Bacardi(my sucka ass roommate), we all went out to this club at Downtown Disknee. I didn’t want Jean Dook to go but he wasn’t tryna chill with us he just wanted to get to the club so as long as all he did was sit in the backseat and breathe I could tolerate that 10 min drive… (more…)

Teddy B

Seems like every time I meet someone new I get asked the SAME question:

“Aye Teddy, you smoke weed?” Nooo not at all….
I have nothing against weed tho, just not my steez… Funny thing is, it WAS my steez a few years ago.
Believe it or not my freshman to junior years in college I attended the State of the Union with George Kush ALL THE TIME… I wasn’t a stoner tho… but me denying that I wasn’t makes me sound like I was…
Anywho, this one fateful day changed everything… (more…)